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UCL vs Warwick for MSc Business Analytics

Hi all, I have offers for both UCL and Warwick for Business Analytics starting in Sep 2023. I'm having the biggest dilemma in choosing which one to go to as I have heard great things from respective alumni for both courses and schools.

WBS ranks highly as a b-school and their business analytics course is top 5 in the UK and 12th globally. However, UCL's overall global ranking as a uni is definitely better (top 10 vs 60-65 for Warwick), and the UCL School of Management is ranked pretty well but only in some tables. Their Business Analytics course also is not in the league tables at all (not sure why because there's definitely demand for it and it seems more competitive than WBS).

Course content wise I'm happy with both unis tbh. Cost wise, obviously UCL is more expensive (~£55k for tuition, accom, expenses). WBS would be ~£45k though, feel like this is very expensive for a non-london uni that's not oxbridge.

Would greatly appreciate any insights and advice on which to go for, especially advice on which uni would be more beneficial/attractive to employers. Intending to go into business analysts roles or tech consulting at big 4/MBB/tier 2 consulting firms like Accenture.
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Hi tamagomaki, I have the same problems as you, I got offers from Bayes and UCL and still considering between both of them. Any suggestion or review would be lots beneficial for my decision. By the way, I also cannot find info or review about BA course at UCL.

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