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Nursing PgDip or Nursing MSc

I am pondering about changing my university choice. I would like to travel from home due to family circumstances. I want to do pre-reg master so applied for universities in london and have been accepted but I realise now that doing placements will be difficult for me. I checked the placement partners offered by london universities and noticed that I will be travelling over an hour just to get to them.
I found that UWL is offering PgDip for nursing in Berkshire so is perfect for me distance - wise and I will be able to drive to placements.
I am honestly confused now !
If I accept universities in london, I will finish with masters degree but it will be difficult for me when doing placements.
However, if I accept UWL then it will be easier for me to do placements but I will have to do 3 years instead as I will have to top up my PgDip by doing dissertation module.
Any advice ?
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You don’t have to top up your PG dip to a masters.

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