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Further Reading - History

I want to do a history course at university and was wondering which further reading I should do or looks good on applications.
My A-Level Topics are:
- The Early Tudors 1485 - 1558
- Russia 1894 - 1941
- Civil Rights in the USA 1865 - 1992
And the coursework for Yr13 will be Nazi Germany
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If you look at the websites for uni history courses, many will provide a recommended reading list.

Here's cambridge's

I think unis also like personal things, so it might be a good idea to read the history of your country and link that to having a personal interest in your own ancestors' lives and background. Or just pick a topic you really enjoy, the 'passion' should come through in your personal statement and make you a better candidate. Of course doing further reading on something you're studying will also look good.

hope this helps and good luck !!

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