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Traveling to uni in London when living at home outside London.

I am planning to commute to my london uni and was wondering which would be the best ticket to buy when living outide london. Thx in advanced.
It depends where you live and what times you travel .You should definitely get the 16 to 25 railcard it saves 1/3 of ticket I think and you can get that free if you get student account with santander afterwards you can also link that to your oyester card it gives you discount at off peak times.

Again it depends on where you live and what times you travel on.When I go uni peak time I usually get day travelcard as it around the same price if I get ticket and use oyester and I can go around London with unlimited travel without having to spend extra so can hand out sometimes .

If I go off peak time and want to go somewhere else afterwards I get off peak travelcard .

If I go off time and know iam coming back straight home off peak time I use ticket and oyester as I get the oyester discount.

I know it's very confusing it gets time to get used to it but you will get it eventually and find what works best for you.

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