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Applying for Placement year

To people who have done a placement, I'm curious about your experience when applying for a placement year. How many placements did you apply to and of that number, how many offers did you get? When did you start applying, and when did you hear back from your applications? If you've pursued an economics or a similar degree, what kind of placements did you apply to? How did you search for placement opportunities?Additional personal questions:I self taught myself sql through a udemy course which I would put under the certifications section in my cv. Is it worth to create a sql project to list in my cv under a projects section?Should I talk about a excel project that was completed as part of my BTEC Level 3 (A level equivalent) ICT course to show that I have an understanding of excel? The excel project was done completely independent.Should I apply for internships in addition to placements? This would be a backup plan in case I don't secure a placement.Is there anything I can do during the summer to improve my cv?Some background information about myself:First year student studying economics and finance at a mid tier year university. Have a 79 grade average in semester 1 which is likely to fall down to a 75+ grade average.

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