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wrong gcse paper

hi i did my latin literature gcse today (ocr) and we were given the wrong paper, prose literature b instead of prose literature a . we had to wait for a bit over 45 mins for our actual paper and now we are getting special consideration
i wanted to ask if this happened for anyone else as they mixed up the letters according to our schools exam officer as we also do verse literature b and whether special consideration would actually make a difference to the grade i get
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Hi, the same thing has not happened to me but, in the past, I was given special consideration as I was sick in the exam. I was told by the exam officer that special consideration does not really make that great of a difference to your marks unless you are close to a grade boundary. They don’t tend to give you a lot of marks through special consideration and I think it is only a very small percentage but it is good to know that it helps I guess. I hope exams are going well for you and you get what you want :smile:

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