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A LEVEL PREDICTIONS (based off Y12 Mocks/ AS Exams)

We just had Y12 AS mocks

These determine our UCAS grades

I got;

OCR BIOLOGY = A (top in the year)


I am hoping to apply for medicine.

How do predictions work

Do they go one up?

Can i get predicted an A* in Biology and Chemistry as an A was the top mark at AS - Level!
hey, well done first of all I'm really proud of you for those grades.

It usually depends on the school however if you got really high As they shoudl be predicting u A* however it doesn't really matter if you get predicted A*A*A* or A*AA as long as the uni ur applying to fits the criteria,

take KCL as an exmaple they want A*AA, so if u got predicted A*A*A* or A*AA they would not care or see a difference within them. so don't be too stressed, be proud of ur grades and relax !

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