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How Does Someone With Social Anxiety Speak To A Doctor?

I am hoping to be granted a Disability Bursary so that I am able to live comfortable with an Anxiety disorder and Celiac Disease. To do this, I need my doctors in those areas to fill out a form for proof of these disabilities. As I am close to my therapist, I found it easy to simply send her the form and ask her to fill it out regarding my Anxiety. However, I am struggling with how to approach speaking to my GP (who I honestly don't know since my parents have sorted out most of my appointments up until now... and they likely don't know either) about giving proof of my Celiac Disease. I have been referred to a gastroenterologist who I do not know, and, even though I've been on a gluten-free diet for around a month now, I don't even know if I was officially confirmed with it... What the heck do I do?
By disability bursary do you mean disabled students allowance ?
If so disabled students allowance say they don't pay for things that you would encounter if you weren't at uni so they wouldn't be able to give you money to buy gluten free food which is more expensive
I'm not sure exactly what they would provide for allergies but I think they would give you money for like your own fridge in your room etc for contamination purposes sort of thing
For the anxiety they can provide mentoring and software
I would send in any letters such as referrals from the gastreontoglist as you should have a letter with the appointment date etc. I would say send as many of these in as possible in the hopes at least one is accepted.
Normally for an offical diagnosis of Coeliac disease they have a blood test and take a biopsy of the small intestine, if these have been done then the doctor should have a copy and be able to confirm the diagnosis if these haven't been done I don't know if you would be classified as having a formal diagnosis yet

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