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This is going to be quite long and I'm also not great at writing so I apologise in advance..

I'm currently in year 12 and taking Chemistry, Biology and Art A-levels. I swapped from Psychology to Chemistry quite late on and so had quite a bit of work to catch up on. As a result of trying to catch up, I wasn't consolidating my Biology lessons like I should have been, wasn't putting extra time into Art and also wasn't understanding (and consolidating) Chemistry lessons for a while either. I'm not a high graded student anyway (although I'd love to be) and this is most likely due to not studying enough outside of lessons. I still don't understand the Chemistry content I missed properly and don't really understand Chemistry in general. My Biology is also rubbish and I'm still not consolidating lessons as I got out of the routine and I'm behind in Art (so is the whole class) so all my studies in Sixth-form are now Art. I got my mocks back recently and got a U in Chemistry and a D in Biology. I'm really wanting (and needing) to get higher grades but I don't know how to. How do I catch up with all the missed consolidation while also consolidating new content? What are actually effective revision techniques? How can I motivate myself to study and properly study without procrastinating? I know a lot of tips are to focus on the end goal but my problem is, I don't know really what I want to do. Basically I feel like I've screwed my whole Sixth-form stuff up and I don't know how to fix it. Please help?
These are just some suggestions. The Allery Chemistry Youtube channel is really helpful for Chemistry revision so I would recommend watching those videos. I would also recommend making summary notes and/or making Quizlet flashcards and/or using premade Quizlet flashcards or Physics and Maths Tutor flashcards. After completing a Chemistry topic/lesson, I make Quizlet sets to learn the core content. After I know the content I keep going over them now and again and then do Physics and Maths Tutor Questions/past paper questions. I feel that you need to know the content first before doing questions. Then make flashcards on questions you get wrong and ask your teacher for help with any questions you don't understand. You could also try this for Biology. Sorry, I don't do art. Maybe you could focus more on consolidating the current topics you are studying first so you make sure you understand them and then later go back and consolidate any previous topics. You may have some time in the Summer to catch up on work. I do know some people at my 6th form that have repeated Year 12 and I believe that has helped them. To help with procrastination perhaps use the Forest app to help and just plan to do some work every day. These are just some suggestions. Hope they help and all the best.
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Thank you so much, all the best to you too

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