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What is the student culture at Lancaster like

I hold an offer at Lancaster and I am wondering what the vibe of students and the culture is like. Are there different cliques and types of students here, is is easy going, quite etc?
Thanks 😊
Hi @scfc05!

As a current Lancaster student, the social life really is what you make of it! There's a strong community feel with the collegiate system, and there are 200+ societies which also have their own community spirit as well. Campus is very compact, so although Lancaster doesn't have the largest student population, there is definitely a stronger student bond and you rarely ever spend a day on campus and not brush shoulders with people you know. The city has a reputation for being quite quiet as it is a smaller city than certain students may be used to, but it is still very easy to have a good night out if that is your cup of tea.

Let me know if you have any more questions about student life at Lancaster :smile:

^Harry (Lancaster Student Ambassador)
Student in the Laboratory, Lancaster University
Lancaster University
Original post by Jodasauras
I hope there's a good party and nightlife scene as I have made this uni my first choice

Hey @Jodasaurus

The nightlife at Lancaster is different to the nightlife at a big city university - but we definitely have a strong social scene! I know a friend who must be out about 4 nights a week with all the societies he's a part of! However, I also know people who don't go out and there's no pressure to go out if you don't want to. :smile:

Lancaster has a ridiculously huge amount of pubs and bars, so it's perfect for a bar crawl or pub golf. Societies have weekly events which are a mix of more party/drinking style events and also more chill options like movie/pizza nights so there's something for everyone. There's three clubs in Lancaster and I love going to Sugarhouse (the SU nightclub) with my flat, especially on Wednesday's when there's a variety of fancy dress and interesting outfits. I also love chilling in the beer garden at Pendle Witch when its summer.

A big part of the social scene when you go to university is that it is what you make of it. I'm really into flat nights out or flat parties (sometimes with a theme which we try to force everyone to follow). However, if your flat isn't that into clubbing or going out - don't worry, you'll definitely meet someone who will. I always recommended getting to know everyone you can at university whether they live in the flats around you, or they're on your course, or if you've just met them randomly. Everyone wants to be friends in freshers so make the most of it!

I hope I could help, if you have any other questions about Lancaster please let me know!
Rebecca (Lancaster Student Ambassador)

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