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Is my Head Prefect application okay? (sixth form)

[Hi guys! could I get some criticism or advice for my application?]

I am writing to apply for the position of Head Prefect at _____ Sixth Form.

The role of Head Prefect is undoubtedly a necessary pillar within the school, providing stability and equilibrium in such a stressful, fast paced environment that is called Sixth Form. This person is somebody who is meant to inspire and guide those around them, helping to enrich the experiences a student would have at _____. This duty extends to the younger years, who undeniably require this counsel and look up to the older students for comprehension and appreciation for both their struggles and their hard work as they progress through secondary education.

I believe I am fit to take on this important position within the Sixth Form. I understand that endless labour is synonymous with the demanding nature of the role of Head Prefect, but this experience would not be new or difficult for me to handle. I have spent a considerable amount of time volunteering at this school, both during my GCSE education and A Level education. In Year 11, I managed to become a part of the Prefect team, despite having only joined the school in Year 10 as a completely new student. Despite the hardships I faced completing my GCSEs in a completely new and strange environment, I still made the effort to help out after school, and to volunteer whenever I could. These experiences helped me learn how to communicate seamlessly with groups of people I had never known before, to ensure that the help we provided was the best we could offer. An example I could give was helping out during a play production up until the late hours of the evening on both occasions it was performed, despite my unfamiliarity with the environment and its’ people.

This trend of volunteering carried on to Year 12, where I managed to pick up multiple such positions. I helped out during the open evening, Year 13 parents evening, and even the Year 10 mock interviews. I love to help out whenever I can, even when the role is challenging and difficult either due to the team I am working with, or whether the task difficulty is too great, or even if I don’t feel my best at the time. I still always strive for the best outcome, no matter what factors may come into play- I simply love to support and enrich another person’s experience, as that in itself is a reward for me. As a reading mentor from its’ first run of the year, I can confidently say that I am up for this important leadership role. To assist others and to provide a comfortable, productive school environment is a vision I want to make come true. I am not afraid of adversity, especially when it plays an important part in the future I want for the school. There is always a solution for something, and to have that mindset is something that will inevitably make me successful.

I wish to not only help develop the entire school, but to also externally prove it to be a reputable and wonderful environment to help a student become a functioning, well rounded individual. The teachers play a strong and indisputable role in this development, but I would also like to ease their difficulties by supporting them with this laborious task by becoming Head Prefect.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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