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Prefect Application- I Need Help!

So I have to write a letter to my head of year at school about why i think I'd make a good prefect but I'm stumped. Any tips? I need to have an introduction, conclusion and a minimum of 3 paragraphs.
This is my draft:
To ________,

I believe that I have the qualities required to be a Prefect. For example, I am responsible, respectful and helpful. Furthermore, I am dedicated to my GCSEs and I have never gotten a detention. If I became a prefect, I would use the opportunity to create a better place for my peers.



However I do have some struggles. For instance, my attendance in the first term was very low, but nevertheless I am currently trying to change that and have better attendance . For example, in the second term , I had 100% attendance. Something else that I struggle with is anxiety. I have social anxiety and I find public speaking hard but nonetheless I don’t let that get in my way.

In conclusion, I think that I will make a great prefect; even though I have a low attendance and struggle with public speaking. I have amazing qualities.

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