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consistency in Nazi policies towards the jews

Hi, I'm having trouble planning this essay and was hoping someone might have an idea on how to approach this:
'Nazi policies towards the Jews were inconsistent in the years 1933 to 1941'. explain whether you agree or disagree with this view. (25)
Also, how would the plan change if the time period were 1935 to 1942, as there is a similar question with this time?
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Well I guess you could go through the points in time in which you know how Nazi policies did change, like do a paragraph for each major change/bunch of changes, chronologically, which could be your agree, while you do a paragraph on how you know it stayed the same during that time, which could be your disagree. I don't remember enough Nazi Germany stuff to help with specific details tho sry (I need to revise for it!).
Anyway, hope this helps?

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