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Biology Paper 2

How did everyone do for the last question on thyroxine and negative feedback?
Also, how did everyone do on the 4 mark calculation question on hypothermia?
And finally, how did everyone do on the 5 mark question about adrenal glands and how it plays a role in the decrease of temperature?
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i messed up the last two questions so bad lol, i had revised a lot more of the menstrual cycle and the CNS parts of homeostasis so i panicked at the end and wrote a bunch of stuff that could have potentially gotten me some marks.
also for the calculation i got 34.95 which i've checked and is correct but i didn't see the 2 sigfig part ;-;
apart from allat i think it wasn't too bad, i did well on paper 1 anyway so i think it will be fine

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