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yr 12 mock resit

I got an E in both biology and economics mock a few weeks ago and now I have to do a resit for both of them in 2 weeks time but i have no idea what i'm doing and how i'm supposed to go up 2 grades in 2 weeks when i clearly couldn't do that in the last 6 months. I feel like i don't understand anything so how am i supposed to get any marks if i don't even have the knowledge. If i don't get at least a C on both these papers, I'm going to be kicked out of my sixth form and I don't want to go anywhere else or start year 12 again and lose out on a year.
Hi, I did economics so I might be able to offer some advice. Firstly, kicking yourself and not doing anything at the moment just because you only have a few weeks is definitely not going to be helpful. If nothing you did was useful in the past 6 months, its a sign to change your revision method.
For economics, I highly recommend watching econplusdal. Almost everyone who studied economics knows of him and there's a good reason why. Back in Y12 I was reluctant to watch him since i thought people were exaggerating but his videos are actually really good.
2 weeks is plenty of time to get back on track, though this does mean you'll need to dedicate more time of your day to actually study and revise- try different environments to what you used to study in.
For economics specifically, try flashcards for your diagrams and definitions. For other parts, mindmapping or summary sheets to use for blurting is a super good way to know your stuff.
Economics is an essay based subject so you need to know how to write them. You didn't mention what exam board your subjects are, but if you do AQA economics, anything up to 15 marks is analysis only (ie Point, content, diagram with explanation - chains of reasoning (e,g this is because, this means that, therefore)) Anything above 15 marks includes evaluation ( what does your point depend on, what is it affected by etc) and a final judgement. Also make sure you know how to use your diagram in your analysis/evaluation. For example, if you have a demand and supply graph, don't let it just sit there- your analysis can simply be smth like 'As a result of greater efficiency, lower costs can be passed to consumers, shifting demand from D1 to D2 indicated by the reduced price from P1 to P2'. D1/D2 and P1/P2 would be labelled on your graph btw.
Edexcel follows a similar structure although it'll have different marks- econplusdal has videos on these.

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