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Medicine: Trying again

So Ive done my health and social btec, but I'm going back to college to do Chemistry, Biology, politics and English Lit. Are these good alevel choices for getting into medicine?
I’d probably have stuck to 3 subjects.
As above, just do three subjects. You don't get "bonus points" for extra A-levels for any medical schools currently that I can think of (I think you used to be able to at QUB but I believe this has changed now). Focus on getting excellent grades in three subjects.

Medicine isn't about overachieving (contrary to popular belief), it's about being extremely efficient in ticking boxes. Tick the box then move on to the next part of the application you can control - which will be work experience (and reflecting on it, not just racking up hours for the sake of it) and preparing for the UCAT (and/or BMAT if applicable), and then preparing for interviews.
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If you enjoy those four subjects and are confident that you can get high grades, I'd take them all. Not everything has to be a means to an end. Being curious about a subject is a good enough reason to study it.

If you aren't confident that you can get the grades, or there is any risk that taking four subjects will bring your grades down, just choose three.

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