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Msc Entrepreneurship at The University of Edinburgh and UCL

I am currently accepted in Msc Entrepreneurship at The University of Edinburgh and UCL, in terms of developing my startup and I want to continue my Ph.D. by taking entrepreneurship, which one do I need to choose?
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Which city do you prefer?
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(Original post by saritaj)Which city do you prefer?

I don't know actually. I am not from England, but I believe that Edinburgh is a really beautiful city and not that crowded as London. However, in terms of developing my startup, get more access to incubator, get more networks, and else, it's better in London, right?
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Edinburgh does have its advantages. It's a beautiful city with a growing entrepreneurial potential, a supportive environment, and a more affordable cost of living compared to London. However, if you're not particularly drawn to one program over the other and finance isn't a concern, I would recommend considering UCL. It has a higher international reputation and being in London offers numerous advantages for developing your startup. While it can be competitive, London is known for its strong international network and industry connections. Plus, you can always apply the opportunities and connections you gain there to start your business somewhere less competitive.

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