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Ticker insurance black box

Hi I have a black box, been fitted 3 weeks now. On the app am showing gold, says it’s receiving data, policy renewal 11 months but still showing my mileage is still 100% any ideas. I have the plug in data, which I was told just plug it in and go you don’t need to do anything else, or that it needs paring with mobile etc.
Anybody else experiencing or experienced this.
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yup same here mine updated for the first time today because my policy only started on saturday and it says i’m a gold driver with 100% of my miles
How are you finding ticker? I've heard they cancel things if they can.
My son been with them since may, absolutely no problems at all. Thought app wasn’t working properly but no it’s fine, up loads every Monday always been a gold driver. No issues, won’t hesitate to use again
Hi do you know if the phone Huawei is compatible? I have a P20 pro. I can see that I can download the apo
I believe any phone would show the ticker app in the App Store

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