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Looking for first car

I’m looking for a first car I have just passed my test and I’m turning 18 very soon. My criteria are simply as cheap insurance possible, without being too slow (0-60 under 12seconds ideally). I have found a few cars which fit this criteria, firstly a Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVT 2006 and a Skoda Fabia 2010 1.4. They are both high miles (100k+). I’m just wondering which would be the nicer car, as for looks I don’t really mind but I prefer the Corolla to be honest. Which car is nicer in terms of driving experience, interiors and practicalities? Also which is cheaper to insure and which is more reliable? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.
Go on Go Compare / Compare the Market / Money Savings to get insurance quotes on the cars you're looking at.

Now get a quote for a 2009 VW Fox and a 2009 Suzuki Alto / Nissan Pixo.
Aim for no black box.

You will be paying more for 12 months insurance than you will for the car.
Every car that will be insurable for you will be cheap, basic, slow, small.
Wait till you're 25 with a Snow White driving record before you move up to a really nice car.

The main thing now is to get you the freedom that comes from having a car for the minimum total cost.
Make this a your head ruling your heart decision. Think how long you'd have to work to earn the £500 (or whatever) difference in insurance cost between the Skoda Fabia and the Suzuki Alto.

If you have a parent with a clean driving record, add them as a named driver to your insurance quotes.

Here's a case study, for you to compare against:
£1500 2010 Suzuki Alto SZ4 with 71,000 miles, MOT'd for 10 months, bought from Facebook Marketplace
£20 road tax per year
£2650 comprehensive no black box insurance for 19 year old passed her test 1 month ago, working as a Marketing Assistant with one parent as an additional driver
£1350 petrol for 10,000 miles at real world 52mpg
£230 for professionally fitted Viofo front and rear dashcam
£80 for DIY basic engine and gearbox service. IE Replacement oil and filters.
£106 for 2 Kumho tyres (when the fronts reach end of life some time in 2024)

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