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Help i crashed my car

Hi, today i was pulling a 3 point turn and scraped a car and left a few small scratches, the woman asked me if i waas insured and that the process of insurance is very long and she doesn't want to go through it. I agreed since premium would sky rocket as im a new driver. I asked to pay for it myself and she took my details (name number and plate) and she agreed to it. I was an idiot, i was panicking and forgot to take her number and she hasn't contacted me and its been all day. I'm thinking what will happen if she ends up making a claim instead and thats why she hasn't reached out, what should i do, i'm really scared
Hope she contacts you, live and learn.
Well, you're required to contact your insurer. If you don't and she makes a claim you are ****ed for trying to hide it. You don't need to claim on your insurance but you do need to tell them what happened as a claim may obv be made against you/them

You are now in a position where she can pretty much name her price and you have to pay it. I'm not saying two drivers sorting a small bill out among themselves is particularly wrong, but as soon as the other person starts saying they don't want to do things by the rules you should be paying close attention.

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