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Ticker black box insurance cancelled

Yesterday I done about 36 in a 20 only for a few seconds but it’s been nearly 24 and I haven’t had a email saying my insurance will be cancelled so does anyone know how long it takes or if I’ve got away with it
They will give you a warning about it, but if you keep doing it then they will cancel your insurance. The email won't be right away might take a few days.
I have been with Ticker since may last year, I have had 2 warnings for speed one on 11th August and one on 21st September. It reads “We're worried about your speeding. Drivers who speed are far more likely to crash, and we'll have to ask you to leave Ticker if you don't improve. Thank you.” From this I have calmed my driving down allot as I assume it is 3 shots and your out type of situation, so just drive carefully and you will be ok. Does get unbearable constantly watching the speedo tho.

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