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A thread to share your fav songs!
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Original post by Z_GAMER
A thread to share your fav songs!

If it dont take 2 by shania twain
Man i feel like a woman by shania twain
Up by shania twain
Lifes about to get good by shania twain
Giddy up by shania twain
This love by maroon 5
Maps by maroon 5
What i go to school for by busted
Crashed the wedding by busted
That girl by mcfly
Happiness by mcfly
My world by avril lavigne
Who knows by avril lavigne
Pink Floyd - Don't leave me now, Comfortably numb, Brain damage, Welcome to the machine, Waiting for the Worms, Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Sorrow and Dogs of War.
Metallica - Ride the lightning, Sad but True, Whiplash, Nothing else matters, Master of Puppets, For whom the bell tolls, Seek and destroy, and Call of Ktulu.
Tool - Every song they have ever made, but my favourites are Vicarious, Pneuma, 7empest, Lateralus, The Grudge, Third Eye, 10000 days, Descending, Invincible, and Flood.
Megadeth - Holy Wars, Symphony of Destruction and Toute le Monde.
Rammstein - Du hast, Mein Teil, Mutter, Mein Herz Brent, Rein Raus, and Sonne.
Korn - Falling away from me, Twisted transistor, coming undone, Freak on a leash, Throw me away, and Souvenir.
Mastodon - Oblivion, Motherload, Hearts Alive.
Judas Priest - Painkiller
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Just checked my for a bit of perspective as to why I can't do this with any accuracy:

Tracks scrobbled: 558,872
Individual artists listened to: 9688
'Loved' tracks: 7449

:lol: 💩
So hard but atm its
Come on Eileen
Cruel summer
Stuck in the middle
American boy
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