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should i be suspicious that my partner misses her ex or am i just overthinking?

i’ve been with my partner 9 months, we get on perfectly but this last month we seem to be coming towards the end of our ‘honeymoon period’. For those who know what it is, our ‘spotify wrapped’ have been released this week. Her number 1 song was a song called ‘if you called me today, i’d come back’. This is a song that she had never even mentioned to me in the past but we regularly talk about music and our fav artists etc. I played it cool when i first saw, but when i left her house i listened to the song and the lyrics are all about how even though things were bad in a past relationship(which i know things with her ex were) she would still go back if they called. (theres a few other bits too thats hard to all fit into this message) I’m a huge overthinker so this might mean nothing, but now i just cant stop thinking about the fact she misses her ex. I dont want to say anything and bring it up incase im completely wrong, i’m just really confused about how to feel. I know its just a song but to be your number 1 played song of the year and as a sad song too i just cant help but wonder. Thanks
Thats the problem with the honeymoon period, it can't last forever. When its over, you'll have to face real problems and thats when things become real.

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