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eternal sunshine album review ☀

This is my personal opinion about the new 'eternal sunshine' album released today by Ariana Grande. These comments are my unfiltered initial thoughts which I typed out whilst listening to each song for the first time (with the exception of the lead single 'yes, and?' as that was released beforehand). I have edited this post only to remove abbreviations and sort out grammar/clarity issues as much as possible. Also made some of the text bold/italics so it's not one big block of intimidating text to try and make it easier for my neurodivergent besties to read :smile:)

Also DISCLAIMER: I shouldn't really have to say any of this but since this is the Internet...I do not condone any of the bad things that Ariana Grande has been accused of publicly and my reaction and thoughts about this album are solely based on how I view them as art, and not how I view her as a person. I generally like to view a person's art as separate to them meaning even if someone has done something questionable I will not stop listening to their music or watching their films etc. Having said that, let's get into the review!

intro (end of the world): 10/10
bye: 9/10
don't wanna break up again: 9/10
Saturn Returns Interlude: 7/10
eternal sunshine: 10/10
supernatural: 10/10
true story: 9.5/10
the boy is mine: 8/10
yes, and?: 8.5/10
we can't be friends (wait for your love): 10/10
i wish i hated you: 8/10
imperfect for you: 10/10
ordinary things: 9/10
overall: 9/10

intro (end of the world): 10/10 - pretty, slow but sweet, good vibes, kinda reminds me of moonlight actually which is one of my all time FAVS ahhhh

bye: 9/10 - intro is giving early 2000s r&b omg i lovee, song is a fun bop whilst also having 'strong bad b healing from her pain' energy like damnn, only gripe is that the bridge was so unnecessary and just changed the tone of the song for me but it did make sense as well i guess lol

don't wanna break up again: 9/10 - another early 2000s r&b vibe with the music and vocal runs etc haha, very light and feathery musically whilst also being pretty devastating lyrically like wow, lowkey makes me wanna cry for her a little bit

Saturn Returns Interlude: 7/10 - im just confused here tbh, the background music is almost ethereal but why the lil speech about saturn, is it really necessary? like what is it with artists sometimes dropping random stuff in the middle of their albums, like i get it can help with the whole flow of theme and stuff but it's not a real song and just feels kinda annoying mid-album? like even if a fan liked every single song on an album they aren't going to be adding the interlude to their playlist realistically so it's kinda just here right now but will be forgotten 5 months down the line sooo idk (edit: okay the transition from the interlude into the next track is PHENOMENAL go ari woooo i will never criticise or question your creative choices again queen lol)

eternal sunshine: 10/10 aww poor ari, it sounds like she has been through so much pain :frown:( OMG THE CHORUS KINDA SOUNDS LIKE SABRINA CARPENTER'S NONSENSE IMAGINE IF SHE ACTUALLY LISTENS TO HER AHHH also aww the lil nod to her older song 'in my head' :smile: bridge is pure poetry as well i lovee, only thing is i thought the song would be happier based on its title but i don't really care tbh, still deserves a 10 in my opinion

supernatural: 10/10 - okay this song surprised me like the last one did lol, but very very pleasantly because i thought it would be dark and maybe a lil creepy based on the name but it's actually so so pretty and glittery and the chorus (especially the second one) is literal ecstasy i cannot get enough omg and i love the way the lyrics from the intro were repeated in the chorus instead of just being random, really wanna re-listen a few times but gotta move onto the next song if im going to review them all in one go lol

true story: 9.5/10 THIS IS LIKE THE SECRET LOVE CHILD OF DANGEROUS WOMAN AND REPUTATION TO ME OMFDS, her vocals absolutely devoured in this with the whole soft sweet ari we all know and love but also the powerful belting (?) that is pretty uncharacteristic for her, almost as if she's telling the world she's tired of being villainised unfairly so she'll give us what we claimed - but all through her singing. also LOVE the way the music switches up within the song without being jarring and giving me whiplash lol

the boy is mine: 8/10 - thought it wld have part of 'fantasize' actually in the song and was very hyped for that because if she's not going to release it then that would have been the next best thing but she didn't so a bit disappointed. also was under the impression that the chorus would be the same/very similar to the OG 'the boy is mine' song but again not the case, so kinda disappointing too. still a really good song though and works great after the previous track but since i had my preconceptions and high hopes completely shattered this one gets a much lower rating from me than it perhaps might have otherwise unfortunately.

yes, and?: 8.5/10 - banger intro, pretty good lyrics mostly and uplifting BUT not great as the first public thing she announced/released after all the scandalous rumours spreading about her in the past year. also hated the new version she released with mariah carey, she legit ruined the song for me (edit: this song makes sense in context with the rest of the album but still DEFINITELY should not have been the lead single released with all the drama surrounding her, really not a good look for her or a clever marketing strategy). super catchy though haha

we can't be friends (wait for your love): 10/10 - i don't know if i'm reading this wrong but this song genuinely feels like a love letter but to the media/the public, kinda like she's saying i know you're all mad at me right now and it's exhausting but i still care for you and i'll still be here waiting for you once 'you like me again', somehow this breaks my heart for her even more than the previous sad songs on her album...(i know my experience is not the same as hers AT ALL, but as someone who has had awful untrue rumours spread about me to the point where my own friendships got awkward for a bit despite everyone knowing the truth, i can definitely relate to some extent 😩 )

i wish i hated you: 8/10 - idk how to explain it but the intro sounds like the feeling of getting older and seeing a young child blowing bubbles and you're watching them thinking about how everything has changed for you but not in the way you had expected or hoped for and now you wish you could go back to a more carefree time in your life but you can't and you're stuck in this inescapable life in a world that seems to be getting worse by the day and you don't want to be a part of it anymore but MOVING ON
this song is super heart-breaking lyrically but the music also keeps reminding me of random things from (my?) childhood for some reason, like the inside out film, running around on the school field with friends and blowing bubbles as mentioned earlier which i find kinda distracting lol. anyways it's not something i would actually want to listen to unless i was feeling incredibly depressed but i do really like how the lyrics are vague enough to describe any kind of relationship turned sour, not just a romantic one.

imperfect for you: 10/10 - this song is just pure brilliance, i literally need it injected directly into my brain wow. words don't do it justice omg but again i love the vocals (as always) and the beat ughh and the play on words with 'imperfect for you' sounding kinda like 'i'm perfect for you' haha literally so cutee

ordinary things: 9/10 beautiful song, nothing ordinary about it (get it??) and i'm so happy she sounds happy here. the voice note of her grandmother at the end was just amazing, literally the best way to end off the album.

overall: 9/10 (or if you ignore Saturn Returns Interlude since it's not really a song...still 9/10 but whatever) - i love the gradual transition in this album from her pain and regret at being cheated on (i can't believe that happened to her??) and thus the breakdown of her previous relationship, to the way she deals with being almost demonised in the public view - with strangers passing judgement on her relationships and commenting negatively on her appearance despite not even knowing her as a person - but says she'll still be here for us once this all blows over and we like her again, right up to the end where she has moved on and seems to be in a much happier position with her relationship and life in general. a brilliant musical comeback, much better than i expected and i think it's almost definitely in my top 3 albums by her <3

What do you guys think? Is this album what you imagined it would be? Did it exceed (or fail to meet!) your expectations? Would love to hear your thoughts, let me know below!
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Oh, I haven’t listened to it yet, but I do like Ariana Grande I must admit so will definitely have to give it a listen over the week!
What’s your favourite Ariana Grande song?
Original post by ebyrne2036
Oh, I haven’t listened to it yet, but I do like Ariana Grande I must admit so will definitely have to give it a listen over the week!
What’s your favourite Ariana Grande song?
Yess please do have a listen! It's very mature and lyrically devastating at times, and her vocals sound very refined and clean as well - working on Wicked really helped with her enunciation haha.

Ooh that's an almost impossible question for me to answer if I'm being honest - I'm too indecisive so I have so many favourites! Some of my absolute favs - not including eternal sunshine - would probably have to be imagine, nasa, bloodline, in my head, thank u next, god is a woman, everytime, goodnight n go, one last time, moonlight, dangerous woman, be alright, into you, everyday, and pov (can you guess what my fav album is lol). What about you, what are your fav Ari albums/songs?
Some good ones!! mine are positions 34+35 thank you next God is a woman, save your tears, side to side

She is so talented!
Original post by ebyrne2036
Some good ones!! mine are positions 34+35 thank you next God is a woman, save your tears, side to side
She is so talented!
omg yes those are all amazing too! i actually forgot about her being on save your tears with the weeknd - all their songs together are brilliant though!

anyways i hope you enjoy eternal sunshine too when you get a chance to listen - do let me know what your favs are!

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