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Python programming ideas

Hello :h:

I am currently in year 10 and I have my computer science exam next year (in 2024)

I would love to practice my coding in python for my exams but am struggling with ideas that would be relevant to my GCSEs. (I have researched some ideas, but they all seem too advanced/stuff we haven't covered in the course).

Does anyone have any ideas of programs I can write as practice?

Thank you :smile:

When I studied CompSci, my teacher gave us a fantastic PowerPoint with a bunch of coding challenges. They covered basically all the key concepts we needed to know for the exam, and lots of my classmates who had never done Python before said that the difficulty increase was really comfortable.

Search for "Zigzag Education Python Challenges KS3/4" and you'll most likely be able to find it! :smile: Don't worry about what the "correct" answer is to any of the coding problems: if you can run your code, thoroughly test it, and be satisfied that it works and fulfils the requirements of the challenge, count it as a win! :biggrin:

Otherwise, something I found fun was trying to make a short game. Text-based adventures work quite well, or fizzbuzz is a classic. Depending on how much Python you've done, these might still be too difficult, but once you learn iteration, selection, and working with the time package (and file handling if you're feeling fancy and want to store a leaderboard in a file or something), fizzbuzz is a solid exercise to tackle!!

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