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hi, i study :
aqa sociology
aqa psychology
ocr religious studies
(as a home student)
if anyone has any tips please let me know in regards to resources and my main thing is how to structure essays for all…. i want to ideally achieve Bs and As. im not smart whatsoever so i have to work soo much harder and idk if im being realistic but i want them grades so yes.
anyone got any youtubers too that you advise?
are the structures hard esp for sociology?
i have a good structure for RS but the other two subjects not really and i would like to improve.
thank you
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In terms of YouTube channels, I recommend tutor2u, psychboost and REDpsychology for psychology.
Original post by livi548
In terms of YouTube channels, I recommend tutor2u, psychboost and REDpsychology for psychology.

aw thank you very much!!
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Original post by alevelstudent090
aw thank you very much!!

You're welcome, good luck with your studies!
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Hey, I take OCR rs and am predicted a A but im mostly getting A*’s now

I posted some of my philosophy of religion revison summaries/ notes onto the get revising website (like a sister website to the student room for materials) and will post the rest of them at some point to
My username is 12Ev567

Some tips:
Literally the best thing I ever did, im not particularly smart either lol and my grades for everything else are pretty average, but with RS I’ve figured out if you grasp the concept (through looking at other peoples resources and simplified notes which are waaaay easier than textbook descriptions) to begin with, your setting yourself up for success

Also for those higher grades you need to be hitting the A01 (Schollars, facts etc) really well, so u need to do wider reading/ research
Im lazy af, so how did i do this? -get revising website.
Literally just type in like ‘problem of evil revison notes’ or ‘problem of evil summary’ or ‘problem of evil Irenaeus strengths and weaknesses’ and just steal other peoples wider reading/ research lmao

Also, Quizlet lest you use other peoples quizlets/revison notes

Another thing which might be a bit crazy but my school did is Peter Vardy Candel Lit conference. You might have to go through a school or something but its basically this gut peter vardy whos a philosopher or something doing a highlights on how to get an A* on the entire RS OCR A-Level
He doesn’t do all of it at once obv but he covers a lot
Maybe there’s some videos online? Or people have posted their notes?
I posted mine the get revising but i feel like i was the only one taking notes so???

Anyway: he also has a huge notes resource aswell which i think you have to buy now but are seriously worth getting, why labour and waste your time getting all the info together when Peters alr done it for you and put it in once place yk? Im not sure what it’s called but im sure if you just search up ‘Peter Vardy OCR A-Level notes’ it’ll come up

Hope this was helpful lol

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