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head girl application

i am going into year 11 and was wondering what you though of this

Dear Student Council

I am writing to you to be considered for the position of Head Student at ...., in this letter I will outline the reasons that I believe make me a suitably qualified candidate for the role.

Ever since I first started .... back in 2019 I had always dreamt about being head student, in primary I was in the top 10 to be considered for the head girl role. However, as I was voted to be both a buddy to the younger ones around school and house captain, I wasn’t given the role of Head Girl.

During my time at ..... I have been a member for both school council and Eco council. I am an active member of the LGBTQIA+ club and have represented numerous community events. I have been involved in the interview process of new staff at..... This shows my commitment and involvement of issues that are important to all students.

I have the confidence and ability to communicate well with the teachers, peers and the wider community. These qualities are demonstrated with my work for 4C’s as a youth board member where I along with other young people debate issues and take forward suggestions for improving the lives of young people within the care system to The Welsh Government. Recently I was involved in a meeting with all Heads of all Children’s services in Wales discussing the use of language within the care system and what changes need to be made.

Along with standing for the Welsh Youth Parliament I have become more confident in speaking out around issues that I am interested in. I have shown my leadership skills and my initiative by being on school councils over the last three years, I have suggested ways on how to raise awareness and funds for global issues and challenges, an example being students having a non-uniform day to raise funds after the earthquake in Turkey.

I consider myself to be approachable, and able to listen to the views of and be supportive of others, ensuring that their voices are heard. I work well as part of a team and enjoy motivating others.

To conclude I believe I can bring suggestions that will offer a positive and effective impact for everyone here at ..... , and if selected will give 100% to the role.

Yours sincerely
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can some one read this

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