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not getting opportunities in new job

I've started a new job as a HCA 5 weeks ago and with me another girl around my age has also started at the same time.

I enjoy my job but there is another clinic near by where they do breast cancer and small surgery and you can assist as a HCA. The problem is I have only been there once and I loved it. I would love to go there again like once or twice more but never get the opportunity and the head nurse always takes the other girl with her, now she can even assist in surgery by her self. Once one or the other nurses asked the head nurse if i should go there and she said no.

I don't know why, I think I'm just as hard working as the other girl, I even sometimes stay back to help around if more staff is needed and also all the doctors say that its a pleasure to have me in their clinic, its not like I'm just slacking off.

BTW me and the other girl have the same contract and both are allocated to the same main sight, so its not like its her job description to go work there.
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It is so easy to let 'job envy' get the better of you and before you know it you are brooding, resentful and feel like you are 'missing out' - then that can affect your behaviour to your colleague and others. It is easy to sulk!

You are in training, and 5 weeks in is nothing. You are new to the role and know nothing really about your colleague or the plans that your supervisors have in place either.

My advice would be to focus totally on doing whatever is tasked to you, and do that efficiently and well. Stay positive and cheerful, and if the opportunities arise to do something then take the opportunity and do it well. The supervision may have an idea of rotation etc and it would be very unusual for them to favour one person over another. There are many reasons why you might not have been asked. Your colleague may be repeating some training or have had transferable skills from other work, or merely be doing that rotation first. Your colleague may have expressed an interest in this in a previous application or consultation. Whatever the reason she is doing this is the supervision's matter and not yours.

If you stand on your head and do cartwheels - as long as they still pay you the same as your colleague and give you the same opportunity for time off, offers of overtime etc then that is all that really matters. At 5 weeks work experience out of a career of 2444 weeks or more you can't really make any claim to have been 'left out'

Work hard, work well, don't gossip or moan and do not complain. Be cheerful and get on well with your colleagues - that is the best thing you can ever do at this stage. See all, say nothing and focus on your own work done well.
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hey thank you so much for replying, Its actually her first job as well from A levels and also in September I'm going to uni so I'm not here for long, I was meant to start this job 2 months ago but HR were taking there time even though I had my references sorted

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