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Advice for Head Girl application

Hi! I just wanted someone to look over my application and give me any tips if it needs to be improved!!

Thank you!

Dear ...,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in the position of head girl at KCD. As I contemplated what to say in this application letter, I found myself compelled to address this fundamental question: Why am I the ideal candidate for this position?

The Head Girl position is a demanding role that encompasses both internal and external responsibilities. Internally, the head girl is a catalyst for positive change throughout the entire school, amongst all year groups, by listening to and supporting every student to ensure that their voice is valued and heard. She embodies leadership, fostering a supportive environment at school that enhances academic and personal growth. I would like to introduce a supportive and green environment for students through a new initiative, being a mini school garden - where students could grow potted plants. This initiative could bring many departments together, from the Performing Arts to the Art departments, to raise finances. Externally, the Head Girl contributes to the school’s values and reputation with passion. By increasing environmental awareness and possibly collaborating with the Emirates Environmental Group, (school names) reputation as an eco-friendly school would improve, especially by being the first to take steps towards deterring climate change, which is the heart of the COP 28 meeting hosted in the UAE.

Being Head Girl means so much more than a title used to improve personal statements. It symbolises a profound commitment to service and leadership, to students and teachers alike. It presents an opportunity for me to give back to a community that has supported me throughout my years of education by providing a safe, nurturing environment cultivated by plants and environmental awareness. I am eager to leverage my strengths in leadership, communication and teamwork to face the challenges that lie ahead, which I have never been one to cower from, bringing together all the different departments and prefects (such as well-being and events) in school to support an important initiative. Drawing experiences such as overcoming stage fright and public speaking, through participation in the “Oliver” play years back, as well as hosting the MUN conference, and participating in past Environmental Committees outside of school have allowed me to gain experience from beyond my natural abilities. I want to leave this school knowing I have helped others and set a new cycle of change by supporting students and the environment. The school garden provides a safe space where students feel a sense of belonging, setting forth a culture to overcome one’s challenges whilst allowing students to develop a greater sense of responsibility.

Throughout my 8 years at (school name), I have cultivated a deep understanding of responsibility and confidence from various obstacles, from struggling to set up my own business in the Enterprise competition to dealing with the daily stress of exams. I have reflected on these experiences and have gained a new sense of determination that has led to many achievements, one of which was achieving nine 9’s at GCSE and the Pinktober initiative where we raised 7,300. I have gained teamwork and presentation skills by presenting for MUN in assemblies. I am confident in my ability to inspire and empower my peers, advocating for their needs by embodying the qualities of passion, approachability, determination, and responsibility.

The staff members who can speak about my qualities are (list of teachers names)

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to our school community and am committed! Thank you for considering my application. I eagerly await the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to the diverse community within our school as a Head Girl or Academic Prefect.

Warm regards,

(my name)
I feel a lot of it is just describing what the head girl role is, and whoever you are writing to already know the qualities required - you need to show how you demonstrate those qualities. I think what you have mentioned otherwise is good.

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