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What statistical analyses would need to be done for each hypothesis?

these are my hypotheses: It is hypothesized that temporal distancing strategies will reduce anxiety among university students. The second hypothesis is that dyslexic status will affect students' anxiety levels. Finally, students with dyslexia are likely to experience a greater reduction in anxiety as a result of temporal distance.

I have 3 indep variables dyslexic status (dyslexia or no dyslexia), condition (negative or neutral), prompt time (near-future, distant-future and now) my dv is measuring the anxiety levels. For this study I need to measure the anxiety levels of students with and without dyslexia based on a rating scale 1-9 (1-not anxious at all, 9 very anxious). In this experiment I presented participants with different scenarios (sentences) which were either negative sentences or normal neutral sentences (it was randomised). for each sentence a random time frame was presented for example; imagine this happening to you now, imagine this happening to you in the distant-future, imagine this happening to you in the near-future = You fail an important exam (negative scenario) or an example of a neutral scenario was imagine having a coffee at the university cafe with a friend in the distant future or now or in the near future - how anxious would you feel?

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