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Hi i am doing a research proposal and need to find an appropriate statistical test to use. My study is a longitudional design - a questioanire taken 5 times over a 9 year period after each key stage of education. my hypothesises are followed , its a corrrelational research project
(a) Is parental education level associated with academic attainment?
(b) Is parental interest in education associated with academic attainment?
(c) Is parental educational level associated with parental interest in education? - this is 2 IVs

also measured ethnicty, socio ec and gender of pupil for control

does anyone have any suggestions for appropriate statistical tests
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This is a very complicated longitudinal study - I admit I'm not super well versed in longitudinal analyses but from my experience it sounds like something like longitudinal structural equation modelling might work here. What might help is finding published longitudinal studies with similar designs to yours and see how those researchers approached it. I also get the impression given the complexity of this research design you might need to do several kinds of tests/models rather than there being one that would answer all those questions! Might be worth speaking to a lecturer/tutor about it to see if they can help you out at all as well.

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