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Hello, I have a question to #SFE

I have completed the „Computing” foundation year in one university and then I applied and was accepted to the first year of „Computer science” BSc course on other university. Will I receive the funding in that case?

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Hello! Congratulations on being accepted into the first year of the "Computer Science" BSc course at a different university. As for receiving funding, it largely depends on the policies and regulations of the funding organization or government agency providing the financial support.

In most cases, the funding eligibility is determined based on various factors such as the specific criteria set by the funding organization, your academic progress, and the courses you have already completed. Since you have completed the "Computing" foundation year at another university, it is possible that some of your credits may transfer to the new university, allowing you to start the "Computer Science" course at an advanced level.

To find out if you will receive funding, I recommend reaching out to the financial aid office or the funding organization directly. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding your specific situation. They can guide you through the funding application process and provide you with the necessary details regarding your eligibility.

Good luck with your studies in "Computer Science"!

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