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Yellow box camera double up as a red light camera

I've stupidly gone through a red light yesterday. I was not familiar with the road and was very confused. Anyways doesn't seem there is a red light traffic camera , only sensor but there is a yellow box junction camera... im wondering would this be used instead to punish my actions or are they two different equipment having nothing to do with each other.....
Unfortunately this isn't my 1st time either, i believe i was flashed in another unfamiliar area, although my light was green however where i had wanted to turn the light was red. I am a new driver so i already know the deal of loosing my license. I feel sick to my stomach and very disappointed with my self....
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Without seeing the camera and junction in question it’s hard to say, however it’s unlikely the cameras are combined
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You very easily could have killed a family of 7 driving like that not once but twice. In future I'd check where I'm going on google maps before I start driving if I were you. Running red lights is super dangerous.

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