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I was wondering if I could get a 1st or a 2:1 as my final grade at uni. In my first year I got a 2:1 and they said it counted for 10% overall but I’m not sure. I messed up my second year and got a 3rd I’ve not idea how much it counts for your final grade. Can I still get a 1st or 2:1 and what grade would I have to try to get in my final year for it?
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Its possible, but 3rd year is 10x harder than 2nd year (IMO).
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I mean without knowing percentages and the weighting of different modules etc. there is no way to know
What percentage was the 3rd, how much does it count towards the degree etc
Why don't you read your university's grading policy??? So many post's like these and It really does confuse me that people do not know how their courses are graded? It is all in the policy and course details - just have a look!

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