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Why does disability discrimination seem to be so common in academia?

It's not uncommon to see students with disabilities discussing unpleasant experiences in university settings, including debasing treatment by ableist professors (e.g. research lab bullying), unjustified denial of reasonable adjustment requests, lack of accessible facilities on campus and sufficient help in movement etc.

Despite the Equality Act 2010 in place prohibiting such unfavourable treatment, it seems these problems never cease to exist. Why? Because the laws are simply not tough? I read it up and find that there are literally no criminal consequences for behaviour attributable to disability discrimination. Why does it seem that no MPs suggest the criminalisation of such behaviour? Why does disability discrimination not get the same attention as other issues related to identity politics despite disabled people being the ones who suffer the most on the planet?
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Psych degree?
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It's not meant as an excuse, but universities are huge, slow-moving institutions and they are just very, very slow on the uptake. I agree that they need to do better. It's not jsut with disability support, they are slow on the uptake with just about everything.
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This is a very real problem that not a few people seem to take seriously.

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