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Hello, I'm a year 12 who's about to go in to Y13 this September and I need help on how to perfectly structure a 12 marker for philosophy a-level
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structuring a 12 marker for philosophy A-level approach:

1. Introduction
- Start by providing a brief contextual background if necessary.
- State your thesis or main argument that you will develop throughout the essay.

2. Point 1
- Introduce your first argument.
- Explain why this argument is relevant and how it supports your thesis.

3. Example/Explanation
- Provide an example or use a philosophical theory to further support your argument.
- Explain how this example supports your point and connects to the main thesis.

4. Counterargument
- Identify a potential counterargument or objection to your point.
- Present and briefly explain this counterargument.

5. Rebuttal
- Address and refute the counterargument by providing a response or counterexample.
- Explain why your rebuttal is stronger than the counterargument.

6. Conclusion
- Summarize your main points and how they support your thesis.
- End with a strong concluding statement that reiterates your main argument or provides a closing thought.
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What would be a good mnemonic to remember for a 12-marker structure for a level philosophy and ethics?

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