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Which sixth form is better??

I've got a conditional offer from Henrietta barnett, Brampton manor academy, LAE and NCS. I'm really confused about which one to choose from these shcools because all of them are exceptional so i just wanted to get an idea about them and clarify some doubts from students going to the schools currently.
I want to do english lit, history, politics and psychology (or bio) for my a levels and want to do law at uni.
I've heard that the teachers at HBS aren't really that supportive and not really good, just average and that u have to be quite independant at HBS. But the a-levels results as well as the oxbridge admissions and all are really high. So, just wanted to know if these results are becuase of support from the school or are the students just really smart and because its a competitive environment?
Also want to get more of an insight about NCS and LAE because i couldn't attend their induction day. Sooo what are the students like? How are the teachers? How much support does one get in terms of university admissions? How are the schools specifically for humanities? (these apply for all schools not just these two)
For brampton, i've gone to an induction day and i absolutely loved the school but since i don't have a lot of idea about the other schools, I just wanted to know if the others are better or not.
If i can get current students to respond that would be great and sorry for the long questions lol
hbs students r j smart lol but the history and politics departments r quite good imo
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hbs students r j smart lol but the history and politics departments r quite good imo

Damn r the teachers really that bad?

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