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3rd Year Physics: QM or PoQM


I am going into the 3rd year of my physics degree at the University of Edinburgh. It has come to my attention that I have a choice between taking the course "Quantum Mechanics" or the course "Principles of Quantum Mechanics". I understand that PoQM is aimed more at theoretical physics students, but it is difficult to tell the difference between the courses from their descriptions on Path or the DRPS.
Could anyone who has taken either course let me know their thoughts on it and how they think the courses compare based on discussions with people who took the other course? How are the lecturers? Is one course more useful for particular specialisations later on in your degree or physics career?

I don't think you actually do have a choice...
But based on the DPT listing, it seems to me that PQM is an accelerated QM in semester 1 followed by QP in semester 2.

See: (PQM listing) (QM) (QP)
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Thank you! I am switching to theoretical physics, so I will have the choice between the two courses.

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