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Stockholm School of Economics (SSE); Profile Evaluation

Hey, I’m Dan and I am applying to SSE.

I would like some advice/criticism on my academic profile. I am planning to do a BSc in Business & Economics there applying for Autumn 2024 entry.

Things about me:
- Head Boy
- Runs social media for local church
- Charity committee
- Chaplaincy committee
- Sixth Form Committee
- House Committee (Competitions, etc.)
- Dinner Dance Committee (Organising some sort of prom)
- Posterboy for a popular kids debit card brand (Europe’s largest Kids debit card company)
- Visiting Universities for lectures (QMUL, KCL, LSE, Goldsmith’s University, SSE, etc.)
- Horse Riding (Competes at regional level)
- Street Dance (2 Years)
- Musical Theatre (10+ Years)
- Actor (Agency represented, 5+ years)
- Work experience at top luxury comms PR firm
- Work experience at fashion PR firm
- Attended both SSE virtual open days
- Travelled to SSE to visit the uni
- Read tons of economic/business books (Regression Analysis, Introduction to Microeconomics, This Is Marketing, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, Capital in the Twenty-First century, From Marxist Venture to Venture Capitalists: The Swedish Wage-Earner Funds and the Market Turn, Digitalized Markets, The Generational Divide, and like SO MANY MORE)
- Read personal development books (Favourite being “The Best Little Boy in the World”)
- 1150 on the SAT (Little revision done, retaking it this August with the hopes of a 1400+ after intense revision)
- Grades ABD (Harsh Y12 predicteds, but not my UCAS ones), I expect it to become A*AB (A* in Business, A in English Language, B in Religious Studies. I’ve been getting between 95%-100% in all business papers I have done, I constantly fall comfortably between A* and A for English, I got a B in one of my mocks (If I can do it once, I can probably do it again/better)
- LGBTQ+ Community & Latinx (Minority)
- Was a Teacher Assistant helping GCSE students in Drama, and lower school in Drama & Computing
- Helps out with Business & Drama club
- Did British Sign Language for quite a while
- Was a representative for #BeatSCAD charity at my school (My mum suffered from this, and I managed to get me school to fundraising quite a bit of money hehe)
- Attended Brunel University’s “Political Economy Workshop”
- Interviewed students for my Sixth Form
- Touring people quite a bit (New members of staff, prospective students, trainee teachers, etc)
- Organising tons of meetings
- Public speaking a lot (Basically a spokesperson for my Sixth Form to lower school)
- Organised a few events such as a Year 7 Charity Disco, Year 8 Charity Disco, and helped set up a few staff events
- Helped with Careers day for younger years
- Helped as a facilitator for Year 13 practice interviews
- Entered a few essays competitions
- Mentored Years 7-10 in English helping them with whatever they needed (Whether it was analysis, essay writing, grammar, comprehension, or anything)
- Reached over 31,000,000 people monthly on a £0 budget social media campaign instilling confidence upon young people
- Got pretty good GCSE results (Average of a grade 8)
- Attended every single SSE event they held online/in the UK since late 2022
- Was a leading creative for an exhibition to be hosted by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) which relates to social issues and concepts linking to weeds
- Helped with transition classes and assisted students who need extra support in lessons

I feel like my application is pretty strong. I know that the minimum they admit is grades BBB (Or equivalent, but merging A and A* grades together). With the SAT, they admitted scores from 1220 - 1600, with a Median score of 1380 and an average if 1383. I hope to fall near the average with my retake.

I think when I apply I will do it VIA Särskilda Meriter so I can double my chances and apply for both courses.

Please be honest and give advice on how I can strengthen my application even more.

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