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Failing a Module through Open University

Good Afternoon,

I want to say that it's not all doom and gloom ahead of time and I am entirely dedicated to passing if I can.

However, I want to understand my options if I do fail. I hae been tanking this single on so far; due to both circumstance and just not quite understanding it and so far - the TMA results have been mid-to-low in the outcome.

I must say, I'm not enjoying the content of the module as much as I thought I would but since I'm midway through I need to stick to my guns.

That being said, if I fail the final exam, and the resit - do I have the option to either
A) Re-Do the optional module from scratch
B) Drop that module completely and choose a different optional model in its place?

A follow up question is, if I do fail this module - do I have to retake the WHOLE degree again starting from scratch OR is it just the single module I need to make up the credits for?

Thank you in advance.
You are relatively accurate with your assumptions, but the devil is in the details.

If you fail a module, but manage to score over 30%, then you will be entitled to a capped resit. The downside to this is that your final result will be capped at a Pass 4, unless you submitted a special circumstances form on time and they decide not to cap the resit.

If you score less than 30%, that is an outright fail and you will need to retake the module (or pick another one if you prefer). You will not have to start your degree over from scratch!

Because resits are capped, you might want to think strategically. It does not matter so much for level 1 modules, but from level 2 upwards, they do count towards your degree classification. If this is a module that counts, it might be a good idea to reassess your progress closer to exam time. If you are certain that you cannot pass, then it might be better to defer the module before the exam so that you have a chance to retake it and get better results. That will also provide you with a 25% deferral credit which you can use towards the cost of your next module.
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