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can't sleep because of snoring

I share a room with my grandma. My grandma snores so much at night and so loudly and I cannot sleep without music playing on my earphones. She doesn't just snore loudly, but she clears her throat a lot, talks to herself, and goes on her phone. I'm a really light sleeper so I wake up easily and find it difficult to fall back asleep even when there is a little bit of sound.

Because of the noise I wake up very frequently. I'm quite worried because the music I listen to at night has to be really loud for me to fall asleep or else I can hear everything (even the vibrations of her snoring).
With this in mind, I'm worried that it'll damage my hearing especially since I'm listening to it for 8-9 hours every day. Even when the music is loud I can still hear my grandma sometimes and because I wear earphones to bed, it's uncomfortable to sleep on my side (it even hurts and I sometimes wake up from it too).

I can hear my grandma eat breakfast in the morning at 8am every single day, I can hear when she's on her phone and when she clears her throat and coughs and I'm frustrated because I just want to sleep, especially when I couldn't sleep well throughout the night (which is MOST of the time).

There's no space in the house for me to sleep elsewhere and my grandma (and family) knows I can't sleep well but there's nothing that they can do to make the situation better.

Any tips on how to sleep through the noise?? please I'm on my last legsss I need advice I just wanna sleep
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Best of luck
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Have you tried earplugs? Pluggerz work well for me, but there are lots of different types out there.
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Original post by black tea
Have you tried earplugs? Pluggerz work well for me, but there are lots of different types out there.

yes I've tried a few different earplugs but they don't block out all the noise - I can still hear her and can still hear everything :sigh:
See in my eyes being an elder doesn't mean you get to ruin shared spaces with selfish nonsense. I'd call them out on it.

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