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Termination of Studies and Re-sits

After a bad second semester of 2nd year, I've had to appeal against the termination of my studies. The hearing for my case is the 14th of August. I was told that if I am let back in, I would have to resit the year or at least the second semester. The problem is the resit deadline for the exams I failed are the 11th of August, is there a point of submitting the resits if I will have to do the whole year again anyway?
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Not really. The resit situation will be determined by the appeals board and dates etc will follow from that should the appeal be successful. As things stand, you are very likely technically withdrawn (at my institution, you remain withdrawn during the appeal process).
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As an aside, you should get in touch with an SU caseworker if you haven't already. They can be invaluable in these proceedings.
Hi, If I may ask, what uni are you in? Also, did you re-sit the year or just the second semester?

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