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I’ve just started my highers and the subjects i’m doing currently are maths, english, human biology, chemistry and modern studies. I got straight As at nat 5 so originally i wasn’t planning on changing my subjects, but i’ve found out that I got three A band 1s in english, modern studies and spanish then the rest of my subjects were band 2s. I’m now thinking about dropping higher chem and doing spanish instead as I obviously did better in the exam. I am also leaning more towards doing an english or humanities subject based degree at uni, and I think Spanish may be more related than chemistry to the degrees that I’m looking at currently. The main reason why i’m really hesitant to change is because i really didn’t enjoy nat 5 spanish and I didn’t like my teacher and if I chose to do higher it would be the same teacher and i’m not really friends with anyone in the class so i’m worried that i’ll not enjoy it which will make me really unmotivated to study. I really enjoyed nat 5 chemistry and i’m quite settled in my new higher class with a good teacher so i’m worried if i switch i’ll regret it and hate spanish. If anyone has any advice on what to do that would be great.
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You're more likely to succeed doing a subject you actually enjoy, I'd continue with Chemistry. You can take Spanish in S6 if you end up needing it for uni

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