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Mental health and employment after graduation - STEM

I'm a chemistry student. Due to my mental health issues (ptsd + bipolar2), I have to elongate the time it will take to complete my undergrad, I also generally have to retake exams because my mental state is so fluctuating that I have a hard time doing much after uni. I do generally pass them with good grades. The thing I am worried about, is how this kinda wacky trail will look in my Curriculum Vitae, once I graduate or apply for grad school, and how mental health stigma is treated in those areas. I am very worried about employability. I am interested into going into biochemical and pharamceutical sciences, those seem quite competitive and I worry that those shoetcomings will make me unqualified to persue those areas. Has someone here experience with mental health stigma, application etc in STEM? Any advice you would give me to make things more manageable for myself?
Thank you in advance
I've moved your thread to the careers forum to help you get some replies.

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