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International experiences that push boundaries

Hi everyone! :h:

Each academic year brings new goals and resolutions. De Montfort University students have the privilege of effectively achieving their goals and getting out of their comfort zone thanks to a spectrum of development options.

We are fast approaching the new academic year. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to take some time to think and write down your goals for this year. I am going to present to you today one of the options available that will certainly help you achieve many of your resolutions, and what is more, will allow you to create unforgettable memories.

Let me introduce DMU Global

DMU Global is an international experience programme for De Montfort University students, offering a spectrum of overseas, on-campus and online international experiences.

Its aim is to diversify studies, broaden intercultural understanding and cultural horizons, and develop decent skills for employers.

Furthermore, DMU Global ensures equal access to opportunities, by removing unnecessary barriers to participation and providing generous funding for all participants.

As formal recognition is a critical part of your academic and professional development, you will also get one of many different forms of recognition for international experiences offered through DMU Global.

Benefits of international experiences

An international experience is an unforgettable experience (and I say this from an autopsy) that offers a spectrum of benefits and opens up new opportunities for you.

By participating, you get to know yourself better and overcome your own barriers, build confidence, make friends around the world and grow your professional network, discover other academic education systems, gain a new international perspective for your studies, get inspired for your assignments, projects and dissertation, explore a new language and culture, improve international awareness, gain unique professional or academic experience, discover how business works abroad, and much more.

How do I know these are not just words?

Because I am writing this post after being on two overseas trips with DMU Global, completing Spanish and the Teach English as Foreign Language (TEFL) courses, and a remote internship in Global Psychology for Think Pacific, a non-profit organization supporting Fijian society. Plus, in two weeks I am going to sunny Spain for a student exchange.

Therefore, an impressive list of benefits, which may sound like empty words, is an honest list confirmed by my experience.

I want to go! When and how to apply?

Each academic year there are three application rounds (fall, spring, summer) when dozens of different overseas opportunities are announced, including academic-led and employability trips, volunteering opportunities, summer schools, and much more.

The application for a one-year international student exchange opens in October and closes in January. In a nutshell, it is a university exchange programme where you go for a year to study in another country and at a partner university.

On-campus opportunities are usually also announced in three rounds and are primarily language courses and courses allowing the development of specific skills.

Online opportunities are announced successively throughout the year, so it is best to subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye on the DMU Global website. These are extremely interesting courses, lectures and even internships.

The application process usually looks the same. Applicants are asked to provide three written reasons why they would like to participate in the opportunity and what they believe they will gain from it.

I hope that was helpful and inspiring! If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them. You can also chat with me and other student ambassadors on The Ambassador Platform here.

Take care,

Julia :u:
Wow Julia!

Really cool! Thank you for sharing :biggrin:
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