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URGENT: need student accommodation in london

Hi !!
I’m urgently looking for student accommodation in london or if you know anyone who doesn’t want their accommodation anymore for September 2023 that i can take over would be much appreciated 🙏 (preferably Wembley if possible)
can be a studio but preferably an en suite !!
budget is £250 MAX
(preferably 44 weeks) or 40/41/50/51 weeks instead is also fine too!
please private message me and help me out lmao🙏i can’t stay on these waiting lists forever with nearly over 300+ people on it 😭.
thanks in advance, laeluhr.
Hey! I’m looking for a replacement tenant who can move into my studio (16-18 sqm) in Wembley ASAP! Rent’s from 375 pw as it’s on the 20th floor :”)

If anyone’s interested/ knows someone who is PLEASE spread the word! Thanks!

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