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Will they let me do my alevels if I was 1 mark off a grade?

For my A levels, I chose biology, chemistry, and psychology. At my college, to do 2 sciences (bio and chem) you need a 7, 6, 6 in maths or science. Unfortunately I got a 6 in maths and a 6-6 in combined science, but I was only 1 mark off a 7-6 and appealed. I’ve got my interview on the 1st, do you guys think they’ll let me do both biology and chemistry, And if not, what other a-level do you guys recommend that would go well with bio and psychology? Btw, I’m going to Xaverian College in Manchester. (also I did well in all my gcses and got over a 5 in everything)
Hi, Sarah Congrats on doing well in ur GCSE I'm going to do them next year and I have a question did you study a lot to get these grades or do you think that you would have gotten more if you studied more??
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I would recommend bio, psychology and a btec single in applied science if you want to go through the science route.

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