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I crashed higher geography and im worried I wont pass

I'm now about 4-5 weeks into the course and I don't really understand the class. I took history, classics and modern studies last year and got ABC. I really want to get all A's in my last year and this is the only class I don't really understand. Can anyone recommend some helpful sites I can use or some structures that helped them to pass? Even some example answers would be great for me to learn from.
i don't know about higher geography, but i would google the name of the class and maybe set the file type to pdf to find resources for help :smile:
For the physical topics, if you name and describe erosion processes (e.g hydraulic action and abrasion for rivers, abrasion and plucking for glaciation - usually you can include both) - you will get 4 marks already. I struggled a bit with the physical topics, so having half the marks already for just 2/3 sentences helped a lot. For the rest of the marks, you just need to pretty much memorize the rest of the thing, I just kept on repeating the model answers for them until I could write most of the answer without looking. I can post some model answers later if you want.

For the human topics, usually you have to either describe a problem (e.g traffic managment in developing city), strategies used to combat the problem and the effectiveness of those strategies. You might get asked for problems + strategies, strategies + effectiveness or all 3 in one. What I found useful was writing the problems as bullet points, then underneath write the strategies and under those, the effectiveness of those strategies, so if you get asked a combination of them you can link them together easily.


- PROBLEM: Lack of public transport
- STRATEGIES: bus lanes, cycle lanes, trains/metro, cable car for favelas
- EFFECTIVENESS: positive environmental impact, less congestion, less air + noise pollution, travel times decrease etc.

Obviously you will need more detail than that and try to include some figures for all of these (iirc you can get up to 2 marks for just including data) and you might not even do that topic, but most of the human section can be broken down like this. Again I can post some model answers for those if you want.

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