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question for medical/ healthcare students

i already have the newest oxford handbook of clinical medicine and am struggling with respiratory and am thinking about getting the oxford handbook of respiratory medicine

the newest is the 4th edition which is really expensive so I'm thinking about getting the 3rd which is cheaper

how much does each edition change, is it a lot?

In general with medical books, the core things stay the same the body is the body!

New editions of medical books might have extra online features or additional chapters written by new authors, but the main things tend to stay the same.

It might be worthwhile to check at your university library to see if they have the older and newer editions of the book so that you can compare them and see if there is much difference. You might also find that you don't need to purchase the book because your library has lots of copies or an online version of the book that can be accessed for free.

Hope that helps,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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