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Law advice for AAC

I was originally predicted A*AB for my a levels however i ended up getting AAC with 6 marks off a B in politics overall its not a horrible grade but it definetly leaves me in an awkward position, especially since i was looking to apply for Law and most Unis require AAA. Does anyone have any advice for which Unis that are decently good i could possibly apply to? If they were predicted grades im aware universitys give more room for improvement but since these are set grades im not too sure my chances are any good. (Im currently on a gap year and will be applying next year).
Hi, a lot of universities look for overall UCAS points rather than just what letter your grades are. You should have a look on the UCAS points calculator:

Then go on the course search and filtering by points. When you see a uni you're interested in, you can always look it up on uni rankings websites. I recommend the Complete University guide if you're more traditional or the Guardian, who takes into account other things such as student satisfaction, environment, etc.

Another thing to consider is if you have went to any summer schools, or you're BAME, or from low-income area, many Russell Group universities have lower grade boundaries for such candidates so it's always good to double check.
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